~ Commonly Asked Questions ~

Where is The Blue Piano Studio located?

The studio is located at 29 Windermere Crescent in St. Albert, Alberta. 





How do I book a lesson time with The Blue Piano Studio?

The website has an online store through which all studio course offerings can be booked by semester. You are encouraged to book a free introductory meet & greet to give us both a chance to meet and to assess your goals for your piano studies. If an introductory session isn't booked, we will cover this content in your first lesson. Lessons in the fall semester begin the first week of September. 

What is the cost of lessons at The Blue Piano Studio?

The Blue Piano Studio charges tuition at $60 for hourly lessons & $30 for half hour lessons.


Studios commonly assign a "Materials Fee" and a "Recital Fee" in addition to tuition fees. These fees can be from $20-$40 per semester. The Blue Piano Studio bundles the Materials Fee - a reasonable $24 per semester - into lesson fee which shows as a charge of $2 per lesson. Here's what that fee covers:

~ Easy, no-fuss access to lesson booking, re-scheduling, & payment online.

~ Studio binder, practice sheets, and all supplementary material.

~ Student access to both online & tactile learning library that complements lesson activity.

~ Access to our online concert hall, Forte, where your musical achievements are available to download and to share with your friends and family through social media. 

~Access to an online student learning area where challenges are regularly posted and prizes can be won. 

How do I pay for lessons?

Payment is accepted by credit card or email transfer.

What do I need to bring to the first lesson?

Your first meeting will be an assessment of your skill set and get-to-know you time. If you are a beginner, you don't need to bring anything except your curiousity and a sense of adventure. If you are an experienced learner, it would be good to bring the repertoire you most recently worked on in the last year of study. The Studio follows all Covid-19 health guidelines including requiring the wearing of a mask while on studio premises.

What if I have to miss a lesson?

A lesson that has to be missed due to inclement weather, illness, or other unforeseeable circumstance can access one re-booked lesson space. If you are feeling ill, please do feel free to reschedule through the online calendar as we are all happier if you do so.


Foreseeable circumstances, such as vacations, school trips, or family events can access up to two rescheduled lesson spaces at the end of the spring semester.


Will I have to perform in recitals?

Performing can be an exciting and fun experience for students that have built the skills and confidence to be a part of their musical community through sharing their achievements. While students build confidence through participation in our online concert hall, Forte, participation in recitals or pop-up concerts is not mandatory. All students will be given ways to build their musical confidence and will be asked if they would like to participate in performance opportunities. 

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Studio Noteable

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All to say, we might not be the best studio for you if you are allergic to dogs.

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