Studio Approach

We think piano lessons should be interesting, challenging, and pretty much always fun. The real deal is that learning something new can sometimes get a little bit difficult, but at our studio, you're never going to be stuck by yourself. 

Practicing: the part that everyone has trouble with at some time. At Blue Piano, we work with several different approaches to practice to help each learner achieve their best outcome. 


We understand that the traditional lesson structure may not be the right kind of motivation or learning style and that learning together through weekly challenges and connecting with other learners in the studio supports our musical journey.

celebrating student accomplishments is an important piece of the learning journey. The music made by each student is available to family members, friends, and others in your cheering section in our very own online concert hall ~ Forte ~ at the end of each semester and available to be downloaded or shared on your social media.  


And parents, we understand that having several kids in music can be expensive which is why we offer a "Runs in the Family Discount" of 5% off tuition for each additional siblings or family member. Adults included! 

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